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Please enter the weight you require or the number of people you would like to feed. (example: 9lb or 4kg or 6 people)


Boneless Turkey Breast (any size)

Free Range Turkey (from 12lb to 23lb)

Geese (from 9lb to 12lb)

Duck (one size)

Chicken (4lb, 6lb, 8lb)

Beef Joint (Topside)

Beef Rib Bone-in Carvery

Beef Rib Rolled Boneless

Sirloin Bone-in

Sirloin Rolled Boneless


Lamb (Whole or Half)

Pork Leg Boneless

Pork Shoulder Boneless

Pork Loin Bone-in

Pork Loin Boneless

Lamb Leg

Lamb Shoulder


Collection from the Butchers Shop only

Orders from this website can only be collected from Haywards Butchers in York Parade. If you would like to collect from Haywards Farmshop please place your order here.

if you require something different to what is listed then please talk to a member of staff or contact us here for help.


When ordering you can put the amount in lbs/ kilos/ or how many people you wish to feed. (example: 9lb or 4kg or 6 people)

Boneless Turkey Breast

Available in any size. You can order as much or as little as you like. Perfect for slicing and there’s no waste.

Free Range Turkey

A whole free range traditional turkey on the bone, when ordering we say a 1 lb per person on the bone so if your feeding 7 x people and want some left over for the next day we would suggest a 13 lb. We supply Turkeys from 12lb to 23lb.


Start at 9 lb which would feed about 5-6 people. Available to 12lb in size.


Comes in one size and would feed about 4 x people.


Available in small (4lb)/ medium (6lb)/ large (8lb).


All our pork is free range and available in any quantities.


Legs or shoulders of lamb are available in whole or half’s, when ordering make sure you state this.


Beef available in any quantities.

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